Cleaning our collection between homes

Laundry by Oxwash

Eco laundry pioneer, Oxwash, use sustainable treatments in order to keep our clothes at their best, while ensuring a 99.9% disinfection rate.

The Cleaning Process

1. Stain removers are added, if needed. High pressure air and water with a vacuum pump are used to push and pull stains out of fabrics with minimal energy use.

2. Wet clean cycles are then selected that correspond with the material and treatment required. Most cycles are run at dynamic temperatures.

3. Oxwash machines initially coat items in a layer of dirt-repelling molecules that prevent stains from re-depositing on the items during processing. A mixture of slow mechanical action, soaking and a shower pump inside the drum gently remove dirt and stains before a final rinse and conditioning.

4. The garments are then dried using specialised computer programs that analyse the water content of the garment dynamically. The temperature decreases as the cycle progresses to prevent shrinking. After items are dried they are finished by hand using a former that uses steam to remove all creases and relax the fibres into position.