Customer Information

Everything you need to know.

Switching Sizes

You can book a switch whenever you like.

Babies often grow out of the clothes at different rates, if you need to just switch bottoms or tops then put what you need to switch in the order notes of your switch.

If you are a customisable customer, we will be in touch with your wardrobe options.

How To Return Your Outgrown Items

You don't need to send them back until you have received your new wardrobe, we ask you to send them back within a week.

You can book your return below. Choose from a collection or a QR code to drop it off with Royal Mail.

Other Information

If you have new clothes it is very normal for the clothes to shrink the first time they are washed (it happens with all cotton clothes). So they should be a little big the first time on.

Please wash the clothes at 30°C and if you can, avoid tumble drying often.

If you need anything at all, contact us