Malaria consortium

Help us save children from Malaria

Each Lullaloop customer provides preventive medicine to a child under 5, helping save children’s lives.

Why we support

Malaria Consortium

The below information and analysis is from Givewell. They rate Malaria Consotrium's Seasonal Malaria Chemoprevention (SMC) fund as one of their Top Impact Funds.

This is a cause focused on helping and saving children under, one that is very close to our hearts here at Lullaloop.

What do they do?

Malaria Consortium focus on saving lives and improving health in Africa and Asia, through evidence-based programs that combat targeted diseases and promote universal health coverage.

Lullaloop support their seasonal malaria chemoprevention (SMC) program, which distributes antimalarial drugs to children 3 to 59 months old in order to prevent illness and death from malaria, typically in four monthly cycles during the high transmission season.

Does it work?

There is strong evidence that SMC substantially reduces cases of malaria. Malaria Consortium has conducted studies in the countries where it has worked to determine whether its programs have reached a large proportion of
children targeted. Surveys conducted in 2017-19 found that on average, 93% of targeted children received at least one month of SMC (out of four possible months), 81% received at least two months, 70% received at least three months,
and 56% received all four months.

What does each donation give and why is it recommended by Givewell?

Your donation is an equivalent of four person-months of SMC coverage.

SMC is a program with a strong evidence base and strong cost-effectiveness.

Track record – Malaria Consortium has experience with supporting large-scale SMC programs in seven countries and has demonstrated success at reaching a large portion of targeted children.

Room for more funding – we believe that Malaria Consortium could productively use more funding than it expects to receive to scale up its SMC activities.