Top 10 Eco Baby Gifts For Sustainable Parents

Your friend or a family member has just had a baby, but what eco-friendly baby gifts can you give to celebrate their arrival? So often the gifts we buy new a new mum and baby can only last a few short weeks, creating unintentional waste. Whether's it's the little one growing fast, or Mum simply not having the time to use your thoughtful purchase, it can be a bit of a minefield!   

So, here are our top picks for baby gifts which are kind to the planet, parents and baby — and they're all great great sustainable credentials:

  1. Re-usable coffee cup for Mum.
  2. Organic baby wrap.
  3. Reusable and organic baby wipes.
  4. Gift card to trial clothing rental.
  5. Re-usable nappies.
  6. Gift a tree.
  7. A circular toy subscription gift.
  8. Organic muslin swaddle cloth.
  9. Mother & baby bath set
  10. Organic Photo Album.

Keep reading for our top picks, including links to some of our favourite eco baby brands.  

Our Favourite Sustainable Baby Gifts

  1. Re-usable coffee cup for Mum

Organic Baby Gifts 2022

New mums make a tea or coffee and almost immediately baby needs a nappy change, a feed, a cuddle and the list goes on….A re-usable coffee cup is not only sustainable way to drink our hot drinks while out and about, to tackle the problem of waste caused by disposable cups, but it is also a great way to keep Mama’s hot drink warm. So, when the quiet is restored, her drink is still warm. It also helps keep baby safe, a lid on a hot drink means it can't be spilt on baby while they are feeding, or sleeping on Mama. 

Our favourite sustainable options is this Circular & Co. Resusable Coffee Cup; made from single-use paper cups. Leakproof, keep things warm for 60-90 minutes. Perfect for a new Mama. 

  1. Organic baby wrap.

Organic Baby Gift Ideas

These wraps are perfect for young babies; they are comfy for Mum and baby, helping baby feel protected and close to Mum and allowing Mum to get some jobs done while baby is happy.  They are also light, breathable and easily transportable, meaning they can be there whenever needed.

We have two favourite options; the first winning in sustainability and the second in value for money. 

This Oscha wrap is made in Scotland, they use solar panel for all of their production and use organic cotton.  We love this Sea Salt Riveria print for £109.20.

Hana – made from organic cotton and bamboo.  Super soft, breathable and comfortable and £43.99.

  1. Reusable and organic baby wipes

Eco Friendly Baby Gift

Reusable baby wipes are a great way to save waste.  Even biodegradable baby wipes often don’t breakdown in landfill and wastage of baby wipes, as they are unable to be processed in our waste system, are a huge environmental issue.  Why not gift these beautiful, organic reusable baby wipes and allow parents to see if it’s a change they are happy to make.  If not, they can make as a great flannel. 

These are our favourite, made by Tabitha Eve - handmade in Wales and made from organic bamboo. 

  1. Gift card to trial baby clothing rental

eco friendly baby productsIf you can, try not to gift baby clothes. While there are some great baby clothing brands, clothing gifts often go to waste and are barely or never worn. If you would like to gift clothes – why not give them a giftcard for Lullaloop. They can rent the clothes that are most practical and suit their taste, these can then be used again – reducing the waste and impact to our environment. 

Gift as little as one month’s subscription with Lullaloop here.  

  1. Re-usable nappies

Organic baby gifts

Disposable nappies have a huge impact on waste and landfill, like wipes - even biodegradable nappies often are not able to break down in landfill. Why not gift a few reusable nappies for new parents to try? They come in beautiful prints, are suitable from birth to potty so can be used when they feel they are ready to give it a go.

Our favourite brand and prints are from Peachi Baby – this ‘Paradise Fern one in particular. 

  1. Gift a tree

Sustainable baby gifts
Gifting a tree is not only great for the environment but it also is a lovely way to celebrate new life.  If they have the space, why not gift them a tree seed or an established tree, they can watch grow.  If they don’t have the space, why not gift a tree? Gifting a tree through the Future Forest means you get a certificate and the location of the tree, so you can visit your growing tree. 
  1. A circular toy subscription gift

Gift a toy subscription with Whirli. Parents can choose toys (from newborn) that are suitable for babies age, use it for as long as it suits and then swap them for new toys when they outgrow them. A much more environmentally friendly way to use toys and helps save space too. 

  1. Organic muslin swaddle cloth

Muslins are hugely versatile – used to swaddle babies to make them feel safe for sleep and also used to clear up milk and help gives Mum’s some modesty, if they want it.  Muslin, especially organic, is sustainable and biodegradable. 

We love this one from LittleLeaf Organic, particularly the ‘Kites’ swaddle. 

  1. Mother and baby bath set


baby gift ideas

Bath for Mama and products that are kind to babies skin.  We love this Neal’s Yard Mother and Baby set. Organic, no nasties and carbon neutral. Win, win, win.

  1. Organic Photo Album

Photo album, what is more beautiful than a photo album that can be kept forever to remember the precious early years. We love this one from Anglesesy Paper Company – made with Lokta. Lokta is a sustainable resource as it is made from the bark of a plant which grows high in the Himalayas. The root system is not damaged meaning  the plant grows back, and is harvested on a rotational basis. 

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