4 BIG Reasons Why You Should Rent Baby Clothes

Clothing rental - it's in the news, it's on Dragon's Den, and the concept has been popular in womenswear for quite some time, but what are the benefits of renting your baby clothes?  

A quick roundup of the key benefits of renting, as opposed to buying, your baby clothes.

1. Sustain

The environment, 60% less carbon and water.

2. Save Time 

Save time buying, sorting and selling 7 sizes in 2 years.

3. Save Money 

Save at least £200 per size.

4. Save Space 

Save space storing clothes for years, that may or may not be used in the future.

1. SustainWhy Rent Baby Clothes

Why is renting kinder to our planet?  Our children grow through seven sizes in their first two years, this creates a huge amount of unintentional waste.   The benefit of renting, put simply, is to reduce the production of new clothes.  Our objective is to share our clothes efficiently between homes, so that clothes are stored for as little time as possible, and used as much as possible.  We have calculated for every one piece of Lullaloop clothing, we eliminate the need for 3 new items of baby clothes to be produced - reducing the carbon and water used by up to 60%. 

Once our clothes come to the end of their life, we repair or recycle them, we have a zero-landfill commitment.  The UK are the fourth-worst producer of textile waste in Europe - 350,000 tonnes go into landfill every year, often clothes or fabrics that could be used.  

What else?

Our interchangeable wardrobe also allows parents to mix and match our wardrobe, this means you need fewer clothes to curate outfits (fewer clothes produced, you've got it!). 

Our clothes are all 100% organic cotton or cotton, meaning they are biodegradable and made from natural materials.  This is kind to the planet and importantly, kind to baby's skin.

We clean our clothes through Oxwash, this is a wet clean so there are no harsh chemicals used like dry-cleaning and their cleaning methods save up to 60% of the water consumption versus a typical commercial washing machine

Sustainability organisation Ellen MacArthur Foundation says plastic packaging is estimated to make up 26% of the total volume of plastics created a year, and 72% of this is thrown away.  We, and many other baby clothing rental companies, don't use any plastic and our packaging is re-usable.  

Finally, fewer deliveries.  Rent baby clothes with one brand you love, and only have one delivery - reducing the carbon impact further.  

BUT, I hear you think, I am going to save my baby clothes for a future sibling or friend? According to an environmental charity, Hubbub, an estimated 183m outgrown children’s clothes are sitting in the back of UK wardrobes.  The average age gap is now three years and during that time, those clothes could have been used at least 4 times, before they are recycled or repaired.  Not only that, it is impossible to predict a future baby's sex or the season they are born, so let us do the sharing! 

2. Save Time


 Time is precious, especially when our little ones are so small (and we are so tired!).  Buying, sorting and selling seven sizes in two years is seriously time-consuming.  Rent baby clothes with Lullaloop and you will save time buying; we can even curate the wardrobe for you - you can subscribe once and never have to think about choosing baby clothes again!  Or, if it's something you enjoy, we can send you your options and you can customise your choices in no time at all.

What else?

Save time sorting through outworn clothes, simply send us the clothes back once they are too small or the season changes, we sort through them, clean them, share them or repair and recycle them. 

Save time choosing outfits - our interchangeable wardrobe allows you to mix and match outfits, giving you maximum ease in creating lovely outfits for your little one.  

3. Save Money


Dressing our little ones is expensive, especially if you are trying to dress them in high quality and sustainable baby clothes.  As the cost of living goes up, we are all trying to find ways to save money, with the hope of not sacrificing quality.  Renting baby and toddler clothes allow you to dress them in lovely, sustainable and high-quality clothes - for a fraction of the price. 

Our customers save at least £200 per size by renting, not buying, their baby clothes on our Super Styler subscription.  We have a price comparison breakdown over on our Instagram highlights but here are some comparisons with familiar brands.  These are price savings per size, meaning they are benefited from every 3 months!  

John Lewis - save £201, per size.

Newbie - save £375, per size.

Baby Mori - save £558, per size.

  4. Save Space

 Storing baby clothes also requires a lot of space.  Not only is storing baby clothes for future use, detrimental to the environment (in comparison to renting, much better than throwing them away!!), but it also just isn't practical for many of us.  A lot of parents with young children live in cities and we don't have the space our parents once had.  Rent baby clothes and free up that precious storage.  


So that is a wrap up of 4 BIG reasons to rent baby clothes and there are many more (one for another time).  So if you like our clothes, why not give it a try? No commitments, see if it works for you!

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