Hospital bags: The Must-Haves, Wish I Had and Did Not Need!


Planned C-Section - 39 weeks.

Top 3 things I had:

  • Handheld fan - it was so warm in the hospital!
  • Long phone charging cable - couldn’t move around too much so it really helped to have this.
  • My own pillow - home comfort that I could even take into the operating room.

Top 3 things I wish I had packed:

  • More baby clothes sizes - newborn clothes were too big and I only had one tiny baby onesie that he went through pretty quickly.
  • More normal snacks/food. I missed the dinner timing and didn’t have any visitors who could pop out and get something.
  • Headphones - we stayed in for a little while and they would have come in handy when the baby slept.

3 things I didn't need:

  • My own underwear. I had to stay in the sexy hospital ones that went over the c-section scar.
  • Cotton wool for when changing baby - the hospital had a stock of it to use.
  • Baby wipes, as they told me to use just cotton wool to start with.


Planned C-Section - 39 weeks

Top 3 things I had:

  • Colostrum - was great to have spare, especially when you have the baby a little early.
  • Pillow - just LOVE my own pillow!
  • Lucozade - so good for energy when you don't feel like eating through labour.

Top 3 things I wish I had packed:

  • Slippers, for a bit of home comfort and walking around in!
  • My own water bottle - to refill so I could sip when lying down post-surgery.
  • Loose-fitting dungarees, so I didn't have to wear trousers on my scar.

3 things I didn't need:

  • Paracetamol, they had everything that I needed!
  • Pram suit for baby - they went straight from the hospital to car and so it wasn't necessary.
  • A book - maybe a little optimistic!


Vaginal birth, 41 weeks.

Top 3 things I had

1. Hair tie/scrunchies - just wanted my hair up all the time.
2. Button-down PJs - comfy and great for feeding.
3. Headphones - were so handy after birth when I was alone or my husband was sleeping.  Lots of people called as well so made it easy to chat with people.

Top 3 things I wish I had packed:
1. Flip flops/sandals for walking around the ward post-baby.
2. Downloaded movies/tv-series/podcast episodes for the 24 hours in the labour ward post-baby.
3. A good water bottle.

What I didn’t need:
1. My hospital provided towels, so I didn’t need to take up lots of space in my hospital bag with towels.
2. Shampoo/conditioner- just take dry shampoo.
3. Warm clothes for baby and me! Hospitals are boiling lol.


Vaginal birth, 38 and a half weeks

Top 3 things I had:
1. Handheld fan which my husband held over my face.
2. Water bottle 2L and fav snacks.
3. Buttoned shirt/nightie to help with feeding.

Top 3 things I wish I had packed:
1. Headphones - to chat with people.
2. More comfortable clothes for me.
3. A speaker for labour to play music.

What I didn’t need:
1. x8 baby vests and sleep suits (only used 1).
2. Tens machine.
3. Lavender spray for during labour.

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