Mother's Day : What we really want!

When did Mother's Day start?

During the Middle Ages, it began by allowing people who had moved away from where they grew up to come back to visit their home or 'mother' churches, and their mothers, on the fourth Sunday of Lent.

At the time, it wasn't uncommon for children to leave home to work when they were as young as 10 years old, so this was an opportunity for families to meet up again.

This became Mothering Sunday in Britain. As the dates of Lent vary each year, so does the date of Mothering Sunday.

Although it's often called Mother's Day in the UK, it has no connection with the American Mother's Day.

Mother's Day in the US

In the US, Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May each year.

The idea started in America when a woman called Anna Jarvis held a small memorial service for her own mother on 12 May 1907.

Soon after, most places in America were observing the day and in 1914, the US president made it a national holiday, celebrated on the second Sunday of May.



So, what do we Mums really want on Mother's Day?

We polled over a hundred Mums to find out what their ideal Mother's Day is. 

Would you prefer to have some time alone on Mother's Day?

66% of Mum's wanted to be with their kids all-day 

34% would like some time alone and away from their children

So, the vast majority would like a family-orientated day, all together.  

Would you like to start the day with breakfast in bed?

64% of Mum's would like breakfast in bed 

36% said the mess stresses them out 

So, Dads and kids...get cooking (or making) early!! 

What would you like to receive?

73% would rather be gifted an experience over something physical 

27% would like a physical gift

That's a clear winner...

Experience-wise, what would be your preference?

55% would like a massage or facial (at a later date)

21% a night away at another time 

Over half of Mama's...this one is a winner!!

Gift-wise, what would be your preference?

This one was quite close...

35% wanted jewellery 

24% wanted sleepwear or clothes 

only 23% wanted flowers...think for most people, don't buy flowers!!

Or, would you rather have something more low-key?

54% would prefer a hand-made gift by little one!

That's over half, little one's...get crafting!

What is the consensus?

So, the consensus from the vast majority of Mum's is:

Start the day off making me breakfast (most want it in bed), plan a family orientated day, get little one to make me something small (cuteeee) and then buy me a massage for a later date, where I can enjoy some relaxation and alone time. know what to do!!! 


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