Planet-Friendly Parenting: Eco-Conscious Changing Bags

Guest Blog written by Babymel 

Whether you're a first-time parent or an experienced one, the right changing bag can make a world of difference in your daily routine and in time will become a reliable companion (trust us we’ve been there!). When navigating the world of parenting it can be difficult to maintain a sustainable lifestyle, especially when you are overrun by so many disposable products but the easiest way to do this is by selecting ecofriendly alternatives, starting with your changing bag.  

Why Choose Eco-Conscious Changing Bags?

  1. Sustainability: Eco-conscious changing bags are typically made from sustainable materials, reducing their environmental impact. All Babymel changing bags are made from either sustainable vegan leather or recycled plastic bottles, saving these from landfill or ending up in our oceans. This means you can feel good about your purchase, knowing it's contributing to a healthier planet for you and your babies future.
  2. Durability: Eco-friendly bags are still designed to be just as durable as non-eco-friendly designs. Made from high quality materials, they’ll last through babies to come, reducing waste and the need to purchase multiple bags over time, saving both money and the environment. 
  3. Non-Toxic: Eco-conscious bags are also made with non-toxic materials and chemicals. At Babymel, we only use natural dyes and vegan glues meaning our collection is totally animal  and environmentally friendly. 
  4. Fashionable: Who says you have to sacrifice style for sustainability? If you love your handbag or backpack, you don’t need to buy a frumpy design just because you are becoming a parent! We offer eco-conscious changing bags that are both fashionable and environmentally friendly, allowing you to express your unique style while being kind to the planet. 

We launched our first eco collection in 2019 kick-starting our desire to become a sustainable brand and make an impact however we can. We are far from perfect, but are continuously looking for ways to reduce waste, plastic pollution and our carbon footprint.  

“Suzi and I started Babymel to be 'the' high street baby changing brand. Packed with function that parents need, with an eye towards fashion. Changing bags and accessories you can use during and after the baby years with a strong focus on eco materials and sustainable practices. We want our customers to love our bags, and have fun using them”  

- Mel, Co-Founder of Babymel 

We have two main collections, an eco collection made from recycled plastic bottles, a process where plastic bottles are chipped down, melted and then spun into a recycled yarn, producing a hardwearing material that is both durable, high quality and water resistant and a vegan leather collection produced without harming any animals in the process. Both collections offer a sustainable option to a new parent packed full of handy features including convertible straps, a hidden wipes pocket, padded tech pockets and built in stroller attachment, there’s nothing not to love! Choose the sustainable option and discover our collections today. 


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