Mum Hacks : What Our Mamas Can't Live Without!

We asked Mum's, all at different stages, what they use or need most to help them and here is what they said:

Rhi & Oli (almost 12 weeks):

For me it's our Snoo, it's a pricey one but we bought it secondhand and honestly it has been a game changer for sleep!

Secondly, this playlist on Spotify (as you can tell, sleep is key!).

 Emily & Luca (aged 2)

For me, definitely, a Mum's what's app group for advice, moaning and support.  I think one with people whose child is the same age as yours (for more practical advice) and then one with some of your longstanding friends who are also Mums where you can have a very honest rant (or boast) too!

Grace & Connie (11 months) 

Mine is a small toy on the changing table that I pass to her when changing her nappy, now that she wants to roll and sit when she's half-dressed and being changed! It distracts her and keeps her hands busy, I find a little toy shaker works best! 

Kimmy & Reuben (7 months)

For me, is the star snug! We use it allll the time, for extra layers in prams or on walks, no blankets falling off and great for after swimming lessons! Ours is from Tuppence & Crumble


We also have a treasure pouch in my backpack (we put it together in one of my classes) and it is so good for distracting him when I need to without taking up too much space!

Georgia & Ludo (9 months)

Mine is all about sanitisation! 

Firstly, this portable sanitiser for dummies - as they are always falling out it's great to be able to sanitise them on the go.

Secondly, microwaveable sterilising bags.  Everywhere you go, you can find a microwave, so I find these so handy to sterilise bottles now Ludo is weaning off the boob and on to formula!

Lastly, while we are in and out of teething, we always have something that they can soothe their gums.  Ludo's favourite at the moment is GiGi the Giraffe who can go in the dishwasher and the steriliser (some of them can't!).

Emma & Ava (5 months) 

I know you won't want me to say this and didn't ask me to but I genuinely mean it...LULLALOOP.  Before we started using your baby rental service a few months ago we were already struggling with room in our London flat so it's honestly made our lives so much easier and I love, love, love the clothes!


Some great tips from our Mamas! Personally, at every age post-weaning, mine is snacks - they can cure even the biggest tantrum and I never, ever go anywhere without a snack for the kids (maybe I should also include one for my own tantrums!).


LL x

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