Can You Use Hypnobirthing With Induction Of Labour? By Calm Births.

So a question Iā€™m often asked is if hypnobirthing can still be used if you need to be induced. In a word? YES!!

In actual fact, in my humble opinion (formed after 10 years service as a Midwife, 6 as a Hypnobirthing teacher and being a Mum of three) hypnobirthing techniques are actually even more valuable in a birth where there is an induction, or indeed any other clinical intervention.

The reason I know this to be true is that the whole purpose of the Calm Births course is to provide birthing person and partner with the full set of knowledge and skills needed to know how to override feelings of fear, overwhelm or stress and replace them with calm, positive ones. Once we are able to do this, our body responds accordingly, making the process happen so much more easily.

In a birth where we might need intervention such as induction, it can feel like our birth is being taken out of our control, and that we are helpless in this situation. This is not how we envisage giving birth, or indeed how we want to feel during it. And so with our help, you will fully understand the process, and will hone your skills to flick that override switch at any time you need to, allowing you to sail through the process smoothly and positively.

Having written and taught this course since 2015, and now with 40+ teachers across the UK, our feedback in this scenario is consistent - you can read about two of our clients journeys here and here.

So in conclusion, YES! We know and can say, hand on heart, that hypnobirthing definitely does work for induction!

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